11 February 2005

obssesed with teeth

what is the first thing u noticed when talking face to face with a person? Some ppl says , it's the person's eyes..as eye contact is important in communicating . Perhaps that's how the term.." dari mata turun ke hati " comes from. Or maybe the person's smile, as one's smile lights up his/her face. Heheh..a prominent zit or pimple might attract some attention..( but dont look at people's pimples..it hurts more than the pimple itself..).

Heh..but the first thing that caught the dental students' eyes..obviously, is the person's teeth. Now, before anyone rolled their eyes , or think bad about us..i feel obliged to stress here, that..we dont mean to do that on purpose. Seriously, it just happens that when talking to anyone, automatically, my eyes will glance subtly to the person's mouth, catching a sight of their teeth. Again i said, i dont mean that. A few of my friends quoted saying..." risau bercakap dgn dentist nih, mata tgk gigi je..".Sheesh..that bad huh?

I dont stare at ppl's mouth,mind you..it just that the routine since the last 4 yrs studying and observing teeth makes my eyes grew accustomed to it..heheh, drawn to inspect the teeth. And smtmes, after noting the condition of the teeth, simultaneously my mind started working.." uh huh, that's a beautiful pair of teeth..." or.."..u-oh..a sweet smile with caries at the front teeth!" or maybe.." now, what kind of malocclusion is this..? Class II div II?".

Among ourselves, dental students, we look at each other's teeth, and learnt from those. Some of them have great cases in their mouth, so they became a good model for our learning. Smtmes, they can even stop us mid-sentence to comment on sthg at our teeth ( and personally ,, i really hate this,..becoming a subject of teeth discussion, when im excitedly talking about sthg else..) The common words from them are.."...ehh..ehh..jap2, cuba sengih kejap.." ( grrr..not again) or "..eh..gigi *** ni, class brp ehh..".

whatever it is..a person's teeth can tell sthg about that person, eg his attitude towards hygiene and overall health, but judging teeth is not to be used as a tool in measuring someone, whether he's nice or bad..etc. And surely not a way to assess who's good enough to be called a friend. It is an advantage to befriended lots of ppl from different fields and variety ways of life. Be friend with the pilot, make friends with the cleaner, be nice to a dentist ( heheh..who knows , ull get free dental check up..huh?), say hello to the old man watering the plants around school area. Be glad and grateful that u are blessed with so many friends and acquantainces.

tata..my sister dh buat muka seposen, signalling indirectly that she wants to use the comp..( huh..nak 'date' dgn abg zul la tuh..). Oklah, bg jalanlah..till later bye2!

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