23 February 2005

dr mashita : soo..what is the molar relationship on the left?
me : ..ermm..i think it's CLass III molar relationship, doctor.
dr mashita : ( looked at me with 'that' look, the look ull get when u give the wrong answer..) Are u sure it's Class III ?
me: (..ehh..bukan ke..?!)..ermm.. yeah, ..i think it is...( my confidence plummeted to the floor..aiyoo!)
dr mashita : What is the definition of CLass III molar relationship ? ( eyeing me seriously..)
me : ( managed to answer in one full sentence , glancing a few times to the innocent patient sitting )
dr mashita : ok..look again in the mouth, are u sure it's CLass III ? ( come on-lah..ive given u enough hints !)
me : ( stammering for the zillionth times )..ermm..i still think it is..
dr mashita : ( ok, enough chances given)..ok then..let's move to the next..
me : ( im dead! = / )..

huwaaa..it's not Class III! It's CLass I , la cik naz ooiiii! ( running out from clinic to check the answer in books )..

but..hehehe, it was fun! never know exams can be this fun..=D ( but it'll be more fun if i get that one question right!)

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