24 February 2006

buzzing stories

gossips can be troublesome smtmes..=/

rumours, gossips..stories that fled from mouth to mouth, be it from ppl around us to strangers...it might not affect u physically, but it can cause slight worriness. Thinking to urself,.." apalah org2 ni semua pikir ttg aku agaknye?". And there'll be some worried voices in ur head, thinking that this 'silly' stories going around might close ur doors of opportunity to some ppl. Ppl u dont mind being 'gossiped' to..ehhe.

i used to be sooo 'runsing' and 'risau' about these issues back during school years. Bimbang apa org fikir. Takut pandangan org... macam2lah...which smtmes made my life miserable and not-happy. Gossip kanak2 zaman sekolah pun nak kutip risau fikir..apa lah..

ive learnt..that the best way, is to ignore. buat 'dek' and muka 'takde perasaan'. Mulut manusia..macam tulah. I alwys believe, that 'it takes two to tango'..and..'to clap we need both hands'. As long as i know where i stand, what im doing and who i am, ..knowing the actual truth amidst the questions and evident-less news heard by ppl, i know ill be alright. And besides..'actions always speak louder than words'..

The least i could do is to correct the myth when it is presented to me upfront. I dont care about what other ppl think, as some of them mean nothing to me, some dont have tht much significance or importance to my life ..but to certain ppl, yes.. i do mind. Ppl whom i dont see as 'nothing'. Ppl i want to know better, and wish to be known better too. To this ppl, whatever it is..ask me directly, as i will answer.

the rest..suka hatilah nak pikir apa pun..

oh yeah..ehheh ( muka sheepish..)..im much better now, yeah..,the pressure and stressful environment wont subside until exams over..but then, not to write..? ermm, i think it'll make me more boiled up with depression inside. So..here i am..writing in here...=]

" what you are thunders so loudly that i cannot hear what u say to the contrary.." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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renungan_hati said...

Jangan dirisaukan pada gossip.Memang tindakan yang sdri lakukan sudah cukup baik.. andai kita sudah nampak najis yang dibuang orang di tengah jalan, usah cuba kita hampirinya..kerna mungkin orang menyangka kita yang meninggalkannya tanpa rasa tanggungjawab.

Memang lumrah kehidupan penuh kata-kata nista dari macam2 org. Laksamana Shah Putra tetap berasa sedih walaupun dia ditauliahkan menjadi laksamana.. kenapa?

Eh, mungkin tak faham kot..nak faham, meh la jenguk kisah TANGISAN LAKSAMANA SHAH PUTRA (juz click my blog) --cehh,sempat promo lagi--