22 February 2006

life not good...=/.isks...

..never been this stressed out before. and when everything and everyone is rushing for their life, unconsciously, we become bitter, selfish, inconsiderate..in other word, we become a terrible person. We hurt ppl's feelings, we treat them like dirt.

i dont think ill be able to write as often as before in the next few weeks. So much thing on my mind, yet so little time. Had this sudden idea to start a new blog after exam's over...hmm

Please...pray for me yea..i really need all the prayers in the world. And im taking this opportunity too, to apologise for any wrong words, or any entries written which have hurt anyone. The tendency to talk and write without much thinking done,,...( sigh)..

so..all the best to everyone in whatever u do. Never give up hopes, and im still not giving up mine..!


ghoyye said...

just hold on there naz! life can be hard at times, but you gotta persevere and stay strong. believe in Allah's will; no matter how it turns out to be, it's for the best.

i believe you have all the support and prayers from your family and friends. so don't give up yet! you can do it! :)

(ermm... this might sound selfish, but i do hope u still update your blog once in a while, when u're not busy that is)

justme said...

eheh..thanks ghoyye, insyaAllah, will do my best..