12 February 2006

love talks 2

A friend asked me to write a poem about love. Actually, he asked me to do it months ago, but I was unable to make it. Not because of time, but more because I just don’t know how. Where to start, what to tell. To write a poem, to make it meaningful that it can touch the hearts of those who read it, that what makes it difficult. To create something beautiful, that comes from the heart.

Some ppl worship love, see it as sthg sacred, invincibly strong that only death could tear it apart. ( im referring to love between man and woman here.) Cinta itu agung, kata Laila Majnun. CInta yang membuat Romeo kelihatan hero apabila mati kerana Juliet. Cinta yang sangat hingga wujud ungkapan seperti ‘lautan api sanggup kurenangi’. Kisah cinta yang melahirkan seloka berbunyi, ‘ Buang emak buang saudara, Kerana kasih hamba turutkan’. Hebatnya cinta kalau begitu.

But the more I understand life, I come to realise that love is just merely a feeling, that can come and go anytime. One can feel so deeply in love today, but the feeling becomes lesser, some might even vanished without trace when hatred and resentment started to fill in the space. Why? Why a feeling that was once so strong, so worshipped can slowly fade away? Because it’s only a feeling. Perasaan manusia yg tidak kekal, seperti tidak kekalnya manusia itu sendiri. Ive wrote before in the ‘deleted blog’ about ‘sifat kebolehubahan hati’. Knowing the nature of heart, in order to retain love, it needs hard work, it needs persistent reminder, it needs faith, trust, respect and responsibility. But most important it needs blessings from the Giver of love itself. Blessings from Allah.

Because HE is the provider, the creator, the owner of us. HE gives to whom He wishes, HE also can take it back. To get love, to keep love, raise our hands up and pray to Him, for HE surely listens and answers. Cinta itu anugerah Tuhan. Cinta tak wujud jika Dia tak izinkan. Jadi..untuk mengekalkan cinta agar kukuh sepanjang zaman, pada Dia kita minta dan pohonkan. Mungkin juga, cinta jadi goyah dan hina, kerana jalan untuk mendapatkan cinta itu sendiri tidak diredhai-Nya.

I really like a phrase from one of M Nasir’s songs. Listen and understand its meaning, then perhaps we can appreciate and understand love better. “ ..mari mawar ku , raikan cinta, tanpa cinta - NYA kita tiada. Mawar cinta mawar ku abadi, cinta Pemilik segala jadi..” – RAIKAN CINTA.

Love is a wonderful feeling, and I believe it’s a human desire to love and be loved back in return. Because we are created in pairs, we can never really be able to live normal being alone in this world. So…ppl, every day, every moments..our whole life, let’s be grateful to have ppl who love us and we love them back. Thank you Alllah, for this gift of love….let’s celebrate love!!!

( another song written by M Nasir, he’s a real music-sifu..=])

Bila hadir kasih sayang
Tanda cinta sudah berakar
Terkadang pudar hidupku
Terkadang semangat gelora

Rasa cinta kepada keindahan
Yang ada yang peka pada kejadian
Berdiri di atas kehendak keamanan

Cinta menciptakan rindu
Juga membuat kita sendu
Semangat terbakar hangus
Hidup mesti terus

Kerana cinta dunia pun berperang
Itu cinta sesat di perjalanan
Demi cinta kita terlupa dunia

Marilah kita bersama terus bercinta
Menjadi cermin untuk manusia
Hentikan tangisan rindukan ketenangan
Cinta ini penuh keindahan
Kasih dan sayang….

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