06 February 2006

perfect match

Where did I get this tittle ? From listening to Mix Fm ‘Perfect Match’. The times when Shazz and Richard will be questioning a couple, to know how well they know one another. First,they would ask the wife, and later asked the husband the same question, to see whether they both give the same answer.Heheh..quite fun. And I would be perching next to the radio waiting to hear the husband’s answer, will it be the same line as his wife..? Hah. Perfect match, indeed. But smtmes, the guys would give a totally different answer from his spouse, that would make his wife screeched in the receiver ( because then they would not get the prize awarded for those who answered all correct ). But what to expect from guys ehh.., they can be plain insensitive about living ppl around them smtmes, …eheh. ( but that what makes a man, a man..;].. )

Perfect match. Sounds too good to be true, except in movies, where ‘soulmates’ exist. ( Yikes..i sound like a cynic who don’t believe in love ) . I do feel happiness blossoming in me, watching happy couples who look just perfect together. Completing one another. ( yeah2..another cliché , mushy romantic sentence taken from ‘Jerry Maguire’ ). Especially old couples, when the streaks of beauty has faded with years, and the strong masculine build were replaced with old, sagging body. But the love remains. The relationship is still there, strong as ever.

Amazing ehh, these old ppl. During the old days, when there were no self-help books, no marriage counseling. No kursus kahwin. No luxury or wealth to go ‘honey-mooning’ to Venice or Paris. And no romantic dialogues learnt from movies. Yet their marriage last a lifetime. Compared to us nowadays who are pampered with all the love tips, yet the love itself crumbled halfway. Declaring to the world what a perfect match we are, and end up hating one another. What is missing there ? Or haven’t we found our ‘perfect match’?

I used to believe that perfect match means we found our soulmates, our so-called ‘the one’. Heh..but after several sessions of brainwashing, i finally come to my senses, that believing in such things is dangerous. It makes us hold to fantasies beliefs and just waiting in despair for ‘the one’ to finally pop-up in front of us. That’s not how life or love works. If u want it, be it and create it. Work for it. Hope all u can, dream all u want, but u have to work and not just sitting around waiting for the ‘soulmate’ to be granted to us.( tau..naz.!!! )

Maybe ‘soulmates’ or perfect match really do exist after all, but it comes after years of staying together, going through hardships and life turbulences, sharing happy moments and laughters, had rows of arguments and crying buckets of tears, and really know one another inside out. And it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes quite a period of time for someone to finally realise that this person next to him/her is their ‘soulmates’. Their perfect match. The one that completes the ‘missing puzzle’ in them. Hmm..

I remember once I was sitting in my parent’s room, watching tv when my father walked in to change his clothes ( just got back from work ). Suddenly he asked me..
“ sapa lipat kain pelekat ayah nih ?” his eyes pointing to his ‘kain pelekat’ neatly folded and hung on the racks.
“ kak lipatkan td. 'Bakpo nyo' ( kenapa nya ) ?” I asked, wondering to myself as I looked at the ‘kain pelekat’, ‘buruk sgt ke aku lipat ?’..eheh.
“ oohh..takde, sebab nampak lain, jadi ayah tahulah bukan mama yg lipat. ..” As he said this, he walked out from the room. Leaving me still looking at the ‘kain pelekat’, comparing it to the one folded by my mom hung next to it which looked not much different from the one i did. Silently amazed at the fact that my father could notice that.Wow.

Hmm..looks like my parents are ‘the perfect match’ too..=]


violet said...

good piece here. u r getting better each day! come on..bring on that book! :] ( muka determined ).

justme said...

eheh..tengoklah 'adik didik' sapa..=]..thanks..