06 March 2005

exam fever

Exam fever. The moment when we can see ppl spend more time in their room, when the building seems quieter than usual, and smtmes, catching a sight of serious or grouchy expressions of friends walking, ( or should I say stomping ) along the corridor..muttering to themselves , I bet the words said ..” why didn’t I started studying earlier..?” or maybe “ ..come on..what is it? I read about it ten seconds ago..come on..brain, work!"..

Stressful huh? Perhaps to students who are disciplined and study consistently with systematic ways wont experience too much troubles, unlike some other who stumble and drain themselves out in the last minutes. Whatever it is, find a way to cope with stress, and I believe different ppl have different ways handling stress. Some might become massive eater, reaching for food everytime stress hit their way. Some choose to be alone, lock themselves in their room, and be a hermit until exams over. Others tend to forget their stress by being in their group of friends, making jokes and laugh out loud. Whatever ways , just don’t let stress kill you, try to relax and be calm, do some physical exercises between study hours, to release good hormones.. try to view it positively ( though it’s hard I know, when it’s called exam..)..but, there’s no other way to put it. When the stress is overwhelming, take ‘air wudhu’, and read some Quran..it’ll sure make u feel better. Call ur mother or sibling, like I usually do, as a mother’s words is the most healing medication, and chatting with brother or sisters will remind you that they’ll always be by ur side, besides the fact that they could help cheering u by making hilarious jokes. Find things that makes u feel good,.and as for me, I choose to write as well. Let all come out.

Hmm…at a time like this, blaming yourselves, or blaming the world wont do any good, just concentrate in using the time left fully. Like me, im so used to the rush feeling of working to the max at the last minute. I don’t really like it, because it’s really tiring ,and u tend to not do as good as u’re supposed to if u have started earlier,..but bad habits is so hard to kick away. Just have to do my damn best under pressure.

Well readers..pray for me yaa…it’s my final 4th year exam, they call it the professional exam. Cant wait for April..as I have already fantasied the things I want to do, in my 4 weeks holiday..yeehaaa!..but before that..exams first, justme!

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