07 March 2005

know what to seek

“What ur mind doesn’t know, ur eyes wont see”

This words were from my microbiology lecturer, Dr Zaleha when I was in my 2nd year ( a funny doctor who makes learning about teeny-weeny microbs easier ). She referred it to us who’s struggling to look into the microscope, scanning the red-pink-bluish thing on the glass slaid, and keep rising the power to higher level, hoping to see some hyphae or any bacterias colonies. And finally with triumph saying out loud that “.. yup, we found it..” but then sheepishly hung our head as that ‘dot’ was not the thing we’re supposed to see in the slaid..heheh.

The words means that if we have no idea of what we are supposed to look at, to search for, to seek, then our eyes won't see it, no matter how hard we look. We can pretend to be looking , along with lines formed on our forehead as a sign that we are seriously working on it, but then, who are we fooling..? no other than ourselves.

And when I think about these spoken words now, after 2 yrs leaving microb class ( and secretly enjoying it..heheh, as there’s no more mingling around with smelly bacteria cultures. I can't forget one of the experiments that we had to do, where we had to kind of spit on the blood agar, culture it, to see how many bacterias are there in our mouth.., interesting huh?), i can see how the words reflects other part and aspects in life as well. Like when we have no idea or plans in life, where we are heading for, sthg like that, we’ll surely easy to be lost in our own journey. We might be on the right track, we might be the captain of our ship sailing proud on the ocean, but if we don’t know where are we actually focusing, or where is this taking us.., in the end, what will all that means. Recalling one of the quotes,
“ when you don’t know what you want, you often end up where u don’t want to be…”- Bob Greene

The same goes when finding ‘the one’, the only one I believe all people around the globe are looking for. In order to fulfill our human nature and needs. To complete us. We’ll never found him/her, if we ourselves as the person looking have no idea what kind of partner we are seeking for. This is not clothes-hunting in department store, also not choosing what cakes to buy to satisfy our hunger, more so picking anyone, someone out from the crowd just like that. It’s a crucial task, a decision to be with someone for the rest of our lives.

I remember once my father told me “
dlm mencari pasangan hidup ni, kita mesti ada dlm kepala ciri2 yg kita mahu ada pada dia. Ayah dulu mcm tu masa ayah usia kak nih, dan alhamdulillah, ayah jumpa. Memang mustahil utk dapat 100% macam yg kita mahu, lengkap ada ciri2 yg kita cari, tapi kalau dia sudah punyai 80%, 70%..60% daripada itu, itu dh cukup baik. Kita tak boleh nak expect kesempurnaan ..kerana kita takkan dapat jumpa. Tapi jangan main terima suka2, main2..tanpa pertimbangan dan perkiraan yang serius. Kerana ini bukan perkara main2.Kita berdoa, dan berusaha…”

My father, he opens up and taught me all I need to know. And the words he keeps saying to me now, that my time has come.( according to my father la.. dulu masa sekolah lain, boys telefon ke rumah pun takut2 aje nak jawab..). I'm very grateful having them as my parents, someone I can confide in matters like this. But then, seriously, what are those criterias that i want in a life partner? . On the verge of 23 yrs old, what are those things to look for, if my mind are clueless about these, how would I expect to know he’s the one when i've finally found him?

Back to basics, Islam has guided us in terms of looking for a husband and wife. ‘Agama, keturunan, rupa, dan harta’,( emm..not really sure about the exact order..please check.) 4 things to consider when choosing the one, with ‘agama’ is put at the front list. Dlm apa hal pun, jika kita org yg beragama, kita jaga sembahyang, jaga perkara2 yg perlu dijaga..insyaAllah..other things will fall right into places. Tak perlu org berketayap atau berjubah litup, itu tak menjamin apa2. Kalau sembahyang seperkara pun tak boleh nak jaga, macamana nak jaga keluarga..? Nak bersama dunia dan akhirat…

Fuuh..how from microbs i get to here..sheesh, I need a controller when I write, or else i'll be writing from nowhere to nowhere. But seriously, I hope, if not much, a few things of what I've babbled above, might give some insights or a food for thought to all my readers, and as a reminder to myself as well.
Ta ta..=]

“..everything’s in the mind. That’s where it all starts. Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it..”- Mae Weit.

“...our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind..” –Seneca

hasrat nak beli dulang bertepi
barulah molek untuk hidangan
hajat nak cari yang sama sehati
barulah molek makan sepinggan
- siti’s songs

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tm nut said...

all the best in finding the right answer to your prof. exams, and good luck in seeking THE right one for your life too..