29 March 2005


Tonight, i watched 'sepet'. Again.

The first time i watched it alone, in my room. Watching it intensely, trying to feel the 'thing' , the spark..that make Sepet different from other movies. Like what most ppl said. And after the second time watching it, ..i have to admit, it is a special, unique, wonderful, ..love story. Beautiful, yet simple and so natural that i dont see like they are acting in a movie, it's like it's happening in real life. And i have to say, both leading stars, young they may be, inexperience and perhaps, not categorised as the so-called famous movie stars..but Jason and Orked are far thousand times better in playing their roles..as i found myself secretly smiling, slowly starting to feel the 'thing' ....

A few yrs back, that's how i view falling in love would be. Magical, like u dont realise it's happening. In a split of a second, u are smitten. By just one look, eyes locked, time stopped, everything around you went hazy. From the first sight, u just know that this person is no ordinary. Inexplicably, ur heart beating out of rhythm, u found urself blushing for no reason..and suddenly u trembled with excitement and fear. Hmmm...guess i read too many romance novels. How silly i was at that time, and how naive...

Well..life is not like that, and i think it never will be. It just doesnt work that way. Perhaps, to some lucky ppl, yes..but..dunno,..i just, dont want to have that belief anymore, need to step my feet firmly in reality.

Hmm..so much to talk, so much to ponder and write, but i dunno where to begin. Later then..bye.

" in love, everything is beautiful. Every joy moments comes with smiles. It's not about holding hands, but it's about holding hearts.."

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