12 March 2005

a year older

And a Happy 23rd Birthday to me..=], semoga dengan bertambahnya usia aku, aku menjadi manusia yang lebih baik..aminn.

Just now, a friend of mine, cikin..( a cute friend, that makes me always see her like a small sister) knocked on my door and thrusted to me an icecream. And that’s it..enough to lightened my mood for today. Frankly, I like that kind of gift very much, small in price it may seem, but full with love and thought. Sejujurnya, bende2 kecik mcm ni aku lebih hargai, kalau dh diajar utk beli dan cari hadiah yg mahal2 utk every years birthdays, aku takut nanti jadi satu keterpaksaan dan kesusahan utk orang, kerana bende bila dh jadi rutin, kalau tak dibuat, akan jadi janggal. Nanti org yg sambut birthday rasa ternanti2, terfikir2 “ mana hadiah aku utk thn nih..?” dan orang yg memberi akan rasa ‘kena beri’, sbb dh selalu beri dan demi nak jaga hati. Bila keadaan dh mcm tu jdnya, hilang manis dan makna hari jadi. Because for me, it’s always the thoughts that counts..it means much more.

And I would like to thank my friends who’s been SMSing me with birthdays wishes, thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s your prayers that I truly appreciate, may it all come true..=]

Well..a little sthg about me. I was born 22 years ago, in Kelang, Selangor. My mom said it was at 1.08 am pagi Jumaat( ..couldnt wait to see the world..;] ). Im the second child, and there was this photo of my mom holding me in a blue blouse, ( I believe it was taken as soon as she got back from hospital, even when she she was looking tired and pale in that photo, I couldn’t help but notices how beautiful she was at that time..). Next to her is my father, dashingly handsome as ever ( if I told this to him, he’ll be grinning smugly from morning till night..heheh ) with the ‘jambul’ still intact on his forehead. He was holding my elder sister, kakak in her red dress.( during that time, she really liked red, anything red can make her laugh. Mama pernah cerita utk agah kakak ni senang, bagi anak patung merah….seronok lah dia. Sheesh..kakak, creepy tuh..=p). Anyway, what makes this photo so significantly remembered was everyone’s expressions in it. My mom, smiling holding me, my father, grinning happily as he hold my sister, who looked at me so anticipatingly, like she couldnt wait to touch her little sister.( why didn’t I get anymore of that look from her? The only look I received from my kakak nowadays is her mischievous grin, indicating that there’s a point she wants to tease me about..heheh, my dear jovial sister). It was such a happy moment, blissful young couples who just started a family. And the feeling was captured in the photo, and it remains till now.

Hmmm..whatever it is, alhamdulillah, ive been blessed indeed. Over this 22 years breathing freely in His lent world, ive been granted with so many things I just couldn’t list it all here. I have big happy family, parents who love me dearly, I have 6 healthy, beautiful brothers and sisters who will make me laugh no matter how hard the situation is, Im surrounded with friends, I have enough to eat, to dress, ..and the lists goes on. Thank you Allah, …thank you very very much.

And to everyone whom I have got the chance to meet, befriended, and encountered throughout my life, thank you..for making my life a more beautiful story . Pray for me yaa..=]

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