12 December 2004

love after marriage

ive just watched a drama,' Miftahul Jamilah'. Not bad, emm, quite good actually. The message sent to audience. How i wish everyone could get the same feeling as i did. Besides good acting from the actors, it's a worth watch. About how patience, tolerance, and kindness always win. About the good and bad values, and how bad ppl get punished, with a given time to repent, recalling a famous phrase" What you give, you'll get back". And how love grows, from total strangers to deep lovers.About being a good, loyal , 'solehah'wife to an undeserving husband. Hmm...

Arranged marriage. Marrying someone who's practically a stranger. Will it work ? Perhaps only to ppl who's patient enough, and persevere during tough times, the times to adapt, to try create love and acceptance to someone who suddenly appear in ur life and , insyaAllah, will stay with u till the end. To share ur most intimate possesions and thoughts, to give without hesitating, to open ur hands with honesty and trust, to someone new in ur life, and wondering silently to urself, " Does he love me ?"

Kinda scary huh? That's a few things that i began to think about after watching that drama. Picturing myself in the heroine's shoe, imagining how i would react in that kind of living. How it will feel, being alone in a house, only the two of u, together, without really knowing ur exact and true feeling for ur partner. For life. And does the term 'love after marriage'works on all people ?

Okaylah, frankly, i do want a marriage based on love. I think everyone else does.Tying a sacred knot, on a memorable and unforgetable day, with ur loved one, and knowing that he loves u as much. But on the other hand, if, i said if, im destined to be married to someone i barely know, more else love, someone arranged by my parents, i think ill be able to accept, under one condition, both of us,me and him, have to be given a time to get use to each other before walking down the aisle. See how things go between us, and learning to accept each other. I always believe that they know better, and wiser.

Heh..looks like im so into this thing. Whatever it is there's nothing that can't be worked out, and actually, the idea of 'love after marriage', when everything is 'halal', is kind of more sweet and wonderful. Each day is a new discovery, each things u experienced it firsthand with ur husband, the one trully yours, u learn to like him, and gradually, without u realising it, u are so madly in love, and can't live without him. Both of u started fresh as strangers, and end up lovers. Wahh..that sure sounds romantic. Blame it to my novel reading and movie watching. But surely that how it goes rite..? uh-oh..im started to float to my dreamland..not again..=p

okaylah..wish u all readers the best of luck in ur love life, and pray for me too. Writing in here, is much, much more easier than actually doing it in action. Go to go..tatta!

" dont marry someone you can live with, marry the one you can't live without "- unknown

" ..Kahwinilah dengan orang yg engkau paling senang berbual dengannya, kerana pabila engkau sudah tua, tiada yg lebih bermakna melainkan perbualan engkau dengan pasangan kau .." - petikan dari novel 'Cemburu Seorg Perempuan'

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