16 December 2004

testifying oneself...

im wondering...

are all ppl reading testimonials written about us, by friends and colleagues take it as an actual fact about us? A way to know someone, can it be relied on testimonials ..

i dunno, just thinking, if ppl are judging me solely based on testimonials written, im scared they might think that im just a big, fat hypocrite when they know me better in person. There are lots of things about me that might surprised them if they really know me, i mean not thru cyber chatting or reading testimonials like what most of us are doing thru frenster..( opss..). There are more beyond the superficial attire and demeanour, there are still lots of uncovered and hidden mysteries about a person that cannot be 'read' and 'known' thru testimonials ..more else photos and pictures..( well..in todays sc and tech, big pimple on the cheek can turn to dimples!) ..

But still, im not saying that reading stuffs so-called testimonials is wrong , i do it all the time. Plus i even wrote about several friends. It just that dont see it as a definite mirror, an accurate image of a person, because what you read smtmes not like what it seems. To know a person , is to befriend him. Because only thru friendship, we can actually appreciate the person as a person, alive and unique, each with their own special gifts and undesired flaws ..and that what makes a person HUMAN. ..

Testimonials, i do admit, ppl write what they see in us, what they think about us, and their past encounters and experiences together with that person. Fine enough lah..cuma, biasalah, we will only tend to pour out the positive values, i did the same, we just dont have the heart to babble out the negative and things we hate about that person, ..if org tulis pun, we ourselves wil not approve it ..!..heheh =p. So basically, testimonials is not 100% correct in describing a person, as it always tend to be kinda one-sided or one-person opinion.

But then, ini apa yg aku suka fikir-lah, kalau baik2 dan positif bende2 yg org tulis ttg kita, harap2 ia menjadi satu doa utk kita, moga2 kita betul2 jadi baik, lebih baik dr sebelum ini. Kalau kurg baik, atau agak negatif yg ditulisnya, perhaps that is one of the way utk kita kenal kelemahan dan keburukan kita yg sebelum ni tak kita sedar, and work a way to perbaiki keadaan tu. Apa2 pun, dont be too pessimistic about it, org punya penilaian, tak semestinya tepat dan betul. Jangan jadi ujub atau bangga diri dgn pujian dan jgn rs hina dan pembenci pulak bila dikritik, ..bak kata Siti Nurhaliza.." tak mati dek keji, tak hidup kita dek puji.."

okaylah..enough of this, i dont know where did this come from, suddenly, dh satu muka surat pasal ni. Had to head back to where im supposed to be right now, that is the lab..bleah! =/,,bye readers!

"..Ada 2 cara untuk betul-betul mengenali peribadi sebenar seseorang itu , iaitu tinggal serumah dengannya atau bermusafir dengannya.." - unknown.

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