03 December 2004

a new beginning

assalamulaikum ...=]

How nice, to finally able to start writing back in here. Learnt a few things from the past months, undoubtedly, experiences are the best teacher.

Been holding the urge to write, but being a perfectionist, i just couldn't settle for less. Hunting words in dictionary and creating phrases became a hobby for the past weeks, just for the sake of satisfying myself, in my mission to searching a tittle and a blogname. Heh..

My plate is full at the moment.There's a few dentures to be constructed, im running late in my fixed prostho work, ..but in the same time, my,my...i still can squeeze in my packed schedule a tiny, free space, allocated for shopping time. Heheh..being a woman, just hope im more sensible in my choice of things i wanna buy, rather than following blindly the uncontrolled desire burning in me.

okaylah..wish me luck, dear all readers, in this new online jounal of mine. I really love writing, and sometimes, if i hadn't had the time to sit down and write, the stories will just started to float freely and reassemble by itself in my head, and during that moment, when the ideas and passion to write were unbearable, if i let the moment slip away, i couldn't get the same feeling later. Ive started dreaming about having my own novel since i was in the tender age of 12. I remembered buying a hardcover book ( yg org panggil log book tuh ) to start pouring my silly childish 'ilham' right after my UPSR ( complete with a special pen to write in it ). Heheh..i can still recall the times curled on my bed writing, and feeling very proud of that 'masterpiece' of mine. Wonder where is that green book now..hmm. Heheh..dont get me wrong, im not saying im born with power in manipulating words or im a great writer ke apa...up until now, i still consider myself as " berangan aje yg tinggi ", there's nothing ive achieved yet in this writing field, most of it hanya suka2..But who knows one day, kann..?

Whatever it is, ive realised one thing. When we have passion and interest in something, we always have the time for it, no matter how busy we are. Bila dah minat dan suka, sedaya upaya cari masa utk tu, kerana di situlah kelegaan , kepuasan dan sebahagian makna hidup kita dirasakan tercapai. ..

Enjoy reading, comments are very much welcomed..bye!

To write great verse, German poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote to an anonymous young poet,
"Go into yourself. Search for a reason that bids you write, find out whether it is spreading its roots in the deepest places of your heart. Above all, ask yourself in the stillest hour of the night; must I write ?"

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