21 April 2005

a big time - waster!

Im starting to hate that horoscope thing in Frenster.=[. Been telling myself to stop reading it, because being me, im scared eventually i might fall in believing it. Not good for our 'aqidah'. But seeing it on the bright side, perhaps we can take the good points as a motivation to be a better person..but, still..'jaga hati' is a really hard thing to do..

okay..what did i do these past few days..? my holiday has lasted for about a month, and frankly speaking... im wasting it just like that.=/..oh justme..not again, this is the longest holiday in the history of my 4 yrs in uni..and i will not let time flow by without any gain. I mean..should do more useful things rather than vegging out watching tv most of the time. ill rot my brain by the end of holiday. Okay..here's a reminder to myself..

1. Finish imah's 'surprise' sarung bantal!!!! ( it was supposed to be a surprise at first, but my over-excited nature could never really keep secret that long, ive blabbed it to her..so much for my surprise..). dont worry..itll be done by June, as she's coming back home for a holiday..yeay!!
2. Read good books..good novels..nourish my nearly-dead brain with reading materials. Speaking of it, 2 of my borrowed novels are now already overdued, one book is half-read, another still tucked untouched in my bag ( ive read it halfway some times last yr, but havent finished it, now i have to start all over from the beginning because the 'feeling' reading that particular book has gone..besides i have forgotten most of the storyline..).Wah..4 books with none completed. Bravo justme.
3. Finish constructing my ortho patient's appliance. And at the mention of this, it reminds me as well that i have to call him..and let him know that im on holiday..he must be waiting and thinking .." bila nak siap nih..?!". Huaaa...
4. Start working on my KAP project that has to be submitted early June. And..no..no more excuses to dump it to the last minute. This is sthg i want to do my damn best, i want to enjoy working on it without any pressure of tak-cukup-masa ( like always ). Ive chosen a topic that im trully interested on, and ive fought to be the first giving my name for it. ( there's a special reason why i chose this topic, im dedicating it to someone..hopefully i could and would do more in the future..).
5. Help my parents working in our new garden, instead of just moping around the house. I know gardening is not one of my thing, but...hello,..?Hari tu berdegar2 berazam nak berbakti kpd ibu bapa..and this is among the thing i can do..
6. Work out on the treadmill. That thing now looks like a 'habuk' collector. Ive started quite impressively good the first few days of my holi, but..the spirit just died. And that thing stood like this big robot, making faces to me when im munching food near it. Great.

aaa..not good, justme..not good at all. Better start making moves early tomorrow morning, or in no time, my classes begin, my holidays ends..and im back stuck to my never-ending work. Cherish ur holiday time, but dont waste it !