25 April 2005

yo katta ne..! =D

i went out with Yah, my adik with a mission ..to go and buy a Japanese series at Kotaraya. HEhehe..my interest in JApanese thingy dh berjangkit dkt adik beradik plak.' Love Revolution'..dh lama nak tgk nih...yeehhaa...! Extra jubilant when the cds are now in my hand .Perhaps a dose of japanese view could help bring the scramble in my head to a clearer end...

and we walked, miles, from one place to another..enjoying sister outing together. i brought her for her first stroll through petaling street..( punyalah penakut adik aku seorg nih, menonong je dia jln...=p). Im not brave myself..but, I enjoy looking at ppl, from different background and lifestyles. Observing the ways human make a living, creating variety in life. Love and enjoy walking in the city..just walk, not wanting to miss anything along the way.( and later at night..fuuh,,sore feet and hurt ankles..manja betul dah badan nih,nampak sgt tak cukup lasak.)

And as we were on the monorail, there's this American couple, in their travelling outfit,along with their huge knapsack on their back, with camera clung to their neck,..looking very friendly ( as a smile is constantly on their face..) and energetic. Looking at them, a hidden part in me suddenly aroused, like being reminded that there is another 'me' inside that is waiting to be realised and acknowledged. Yup..that's true. Begitulah aku, or should i say sepatutnya aku, aku yg belum terealisasi kerana sbb2 tertentu tp sentiasa ada dlm diri.

I always have a dream to be like that, cladded in 'sempoi' shirt and trousers, holding a bottle of water, a camera in hand, with a traveling knapsack, wearing dirty sneakers proving how far ive walked ..and not forgetting a beige cap on my head written 'justme' on the front...roaming countries and places around the world. Not worried about a thing other than a place to sleep and some food to eat. Not wearing any make ups other than sunscreen to protect from UV rays, and smtmes washed or sprinkled clear water on my face. Scanning map along the way ( eventhough at this moment, i have not a slightest idea on how a map supposed to be read..). Ill take pictures of beautiful sceneries, of ppl, of anything that appeals to my eyes, from all over the globe. My god..just thinking about it, i trembled with eagerness and excitement..how i wish ..

if only things could be much simpler..if only..But still,who knows, ..one day, i might be standing in the middle of Tokyo city..fumbling thru maps and English-japanese dictionary..with a big smile and satisfaction on my face..glad that im finally there...

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