07 April 2005

just write

Ive just finished replying my pen-pal's email. It's 2.25 am, my brother, Abe is ready with the TV remote in his hand, fresh-eyed ( he slept early and wakes up later..), for the chelsea vs bayern munich match. Being a hard-core chelsea fan..he'll do anything to watch a live game..( which smtmes it's hard to understand, what's the difference watching live game or its re-run.?).

what am i doing awake at such an hour..? Good question. Okay..ive slept ( tertidur on the sofa ) for nearly 2 hrs td, i was waiting for a midnight drama, ( quite anticipatingly waiting, because today is an important episode ), and finally awake to find that ive missed the part when the hero died! Great! So..here i am, knocking my fingers on the keyboard, as im fully awake, not a pinch of sleepiness. Just now, while writing emails, ate a few ( okay..not exactly a few, too much for a few to be frank..), of strawberry rolls ( we used to call it 'rokok' back in school )..and, it was ..so sweeeett, rs mcm nauseated plak sekarang. Come onlah..tertumpah gula ke semasa di kilang..? Dahsyat punya manis...=/

Earlier tonite, i watched CSI, along with my sisters and Adik. It's really an intriguing series..no doubt about that. I was never really a CSI watcher, but starting from today..ive decided to join my siblings club of ' CSI-Philic'. And now there are CSI ( i think it's VEgas ), CSI: Miami and CSI:NY..woo..breeding CSI huh?( trying to imagine how CSI: Malaysia would be like..hmm...that'll be interesting..).

Btw..there's sthg bugging me these past few days. My eyes. Is it just some minor inflammation or infection ke..im not really sure, but what im sure is, it's not feeling normal. Itchy and watery..as if the gland keep producing tears abnormally. Anyone wants to make diagnosis..?

okay ive blabbled enough. Didnt i hear someone made a determined vow to herself that she wanted to 'talk less and listen more' ? Looks like it's not even 48 hrs, and i already become the talking machine..But really, since im on holiday, it's like i have all the time to write and think and dream..im bursting with ideas...! I have to keep reminding myself to not be too keen and excited in pouring them all out at once, controlling myself from conquering the computer at home, and bore my readers here..of my never-ending stories...But, i promise you.. there are more, much..much more..coming later. Because if i dont write it out.. i cant sit still. Im not the kind who's good at expressing things verbally ( it's either i make it sound the wrong way, or i make a gibberish statement that it would end up a total mess )..so, i choose to write it down. it's just my way.

okay..justme..stop! Bye readers...=]


AiSyaHuMaiRa said...

Assalamu'alaikum naz..
hehe, seronok lak jadi ur reader. Selamat bercuti dan semoga beroleh najah..
Erm, ur lil history gave me impression of viral conjunctivitis, better see ur GP..

justme said...

salaam lin..=]
thanks ,,it's an honour to have a friend like you reading my blog. If there's anything u would like to comment on, please do, very much welcomed..and im looking forward to reading ur blog too..=]
btw..thanks for the diagnosis ( ni yg beruntung ada kwn doktor nih..=])..