10 April 2005

dont mess with me..=[

I am in a cranky mood. My allergy persisted throughout the day, and plus the tidbits things that pissed me off for no reason, i officially declared today as my 'bad day'. Need to see the dermatologist tomorrow, and pretend to be deaf for a few seconds as he scolded me for not being a compliant patient. Bleaah..I can guess what he would say tomorrow, among few common sentences from him..
"..Are you using anything on ur face..? No..stop. Just wash ur face with tap water.." ( huh..?! Telling a woman to only use tap water and throw all other beauty regimes is like asking them to forget that they are women..it's hard to follow this order obediently..=/)
"..come and see me again nextweek. And let me remind you that a week is seven days, im seeing you again in seven days, not in 30 days..got me?" ( heheh..okay, ill mark in my calendar. His way in telling me to be punctual in attending appoinments, which im very bad at..it's not totally my fault. I have classes to attend, and now is the best time to deal with this thing as im on holiday..)

Whatever it is...i just hope that this allergy of mine doesnt struck as i wake up in the morning of my wedding day. Please dont..please dont. Nothing more terrible than that. It would be a nightmare. Even better, i really hope that it will just go away from me, but im ashamed to ask for this. Ive been granted with many things, God has answered most of my prayers and wishes... apalah sgt dugaan yg sekecik ini, takkan ini pun tak mampu ditanggung...other ppl suffered a more serious, debilitating conditions, still they can put a smile on their face and be grateful .ISsh..justme, belajarlah bersyukur sikit. :/

okay..drop this subject, it's not a happy topic to talk about. Think of good things....hmm? Oh yeah..last Saturday, i met one of the best friend ever, she's studying in Japan( and that makes me like her more..! =D), and going back nextweek. She's still the same beautiful, nice, lovable friend of mine, and she was glowing with happiness.( which i know the reason why..ehhe ). We had a share of ais kacang, took photos and talked nonstop, trying to catch up what we lost in 3-4 years time not seeing each other. We went shoe - hunting ( actually im the one seeking for a new sandal and i dragged her along..dont worry, i didnt buy any). A couple of old friends came along, and suddenly we seemed to have forgotten that we are 23 , and acted like some 15 yrs old girls..laughing, chattering loudly and gossiped about the latest news. It was a hell lot of fun, frankly i wanted to stay longer. When i waved at her as her train started moving, i felt a surge of sadness, I miss her already. Sayonara dear friend, i wish you all the happiness in the world,..

okaylah...nextweek gonna be quite hectic for me. Our maid is not here, she went to stay with her son for a few days, which means im going to be the homemaker ( emm..quite like it-lah..heheh ). Well..a time to master my cooking skills, and invent new recipes ( as if...). Also a time when my brothers would really hate me, because when im incharged of the house, ..let just say that..ermm, it's like an old lady, with white hair wearing apron..who went around the house putting things in order, picking up dirty clothes and etc. Yikes..that's quite like it.

till then,,bye..=] ( im really giving all of u a smile here..).

dr X : why are you covering urself like this? then how the guys gonna see u, i mean ..how u gonna get married if u are hiding like this..?
girl : well then..only my husband will get the chance..=]


AiSyaHuMaiRa said...

Ma'a is in town eh? Eii..bestnye...sape lagi joined ur shopping spree?=P

justme said...

yup, but she's back to jApan today. best betul lin jumpa kwn2 lama, dibah, wan syafira, tmah, sofiyyah..yg mana sempat je contact..berborak mcm tak reti berenti..=p