17 April 2005

typist at work

After 5 yrs declining invitation from a good friend of mine, finally i stepped into his house, newly furnished..( punyalah buruk perangai aku sbg kwn, sampai dia pindah rumah, baru aku sampai..=/). And what an experience, what a day ..i met his wonderful family members, all cheerful and good-natured.. and i made some new friends..'glamorous' friends to be exact..heheh, as all of them are the friends of his from a programme they did on tv. Fuuuh..all of them are happenning ppl, laugh out loud, accept ppl the way they are, make jokes about everything, forget boundaries and differences between them..and sit together in one group and call themselves friends. I learnt a few precious things, about family ties, about being positive about life and have faith in ppl, about friendships..and about ...being a good society members as well..alhamdulillah, Allah, for this new lesson for me..=]

thank you friend, for inviting me over, and giving me the opportunity to meet great ppl...ppl i will never forget. thank you also , for always being a great friend to me...=]

and later at night, i watched this 'ohmyGod' Drama..no, not becos im astonished for its good storyline, but was aghast, i cant believe i spent 2 hrs , wasted just like that..over such a silly malay drama. I was anticipating a good story ..looking at the actors working in it.. i mean, it was far from good..it was..unbelievably trying-too-hard to be melodramatic but failed..it did nothing to the heart, more else mind. Puh-leese lah..come-onlah..takkanlah the drama-makers ni ingat penonton bodoh2 and main telan je semua yg dihidangkan, we are thinking ppl ok, we want smthg more, that make us feel fulfilled as audience and satisfied, able to get sthg valuable after watching it. Guess MAlay dramas still has a looong way to goo..( and the sad thing is, im one of their fans..=/..)...

Btw..im typing my mom's students exam questions. Dh jd typist mama la plak, plus tukang gosok baju + kutip baju kotor and then basuh and jemur+working in the kitchen+kemas rumah..lps ni, kalau apply jd pembantu rumah org sure lulus punya..kdg2 bagus jugak maid cuti nih..

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