30 April 2005

all time favourite..

Ive just ate half a big bar of chocolate..,=/. As i sit hating myself for ruining my health and mood..( when u feel fat, surely ur mood will deteriorate as well ), my lustful eyes glanced longingly at the last 2 rows of chocolate which is safely protected from my humongous appetite, ..my head went chanting.." fat..fat..fat..", and i quickly keep it in the fridge, before i change my mind. Huaaaww..

the news in ntv7 are all buzzing around each hour about AIM tonite. HEheh..watching award shows like this, the thrill and enjoyment is much more felt when im watching it among friends in college. All of us would huddle in one room ( there's a certain usual port where everyone will head to watch TV, masing2 fhm sendiri je bilik sapa nak pi..yg mana selipar bnyk berkumpul tu, itulah portnya..). Some will bring food mostly kacang, keropok, choco..(ops..sensitif nih, 'that' sweet, brown thing tu,) tuan punya bilik will prepare tea, bentang surat khabar, and all eyes will be glued to the box. One person will root for Zamani, another for Ning, and as usual there will be a group of 'CT lovers' and 'CT haters'..( heheh..). It was fun, chattering, gossiping throughout the show, commenting on the celebrities' fashionable attire, and criticizing the perfomance by the singers..oohing and aahing at their favourite artistes. Not forgetting the 'hush'ing as well, to some ppl who has the habit of singing along with the performer in TV..( and it irritates me when the one performing is Siti, not like their voice is anywhere comparable to her .. ). At home, it is more quieter and more like 'just watch the show' attitude, or else my father will stuck his head out from his bedroom door, telling us to slow down the volume. Heheheh..

well..i dont really care who wins what, just enjoying the show, that's all. Speaking of songs and singers..heheh, let me list down here,..among my all time favourite songs..( er..im bored here, so bear with me ya..)

jangan ada dusta antara kita ( Deddy dores & Mayang Sari )
Valentine ( sapa ehh nyanyi, Martina mcbride ke..? ntahh)
unchained melody ( x stau sapa nyanyi jugak..)
Semakin hari semakin sayang..( Uji RAshid and also most of her other songs )
when i fall in love ( nat king cole )
kehebatan cinta ( jamal abdillah & fran )
bisikan hati. ( actually a song by RAfeah bUang, but recorded again by Siti )

tetiba malaslah nak sambung, sbb bnyk sgtla plak..heheh..dh lah tu, justme makin merepek. till later..bye guys!!! ;]

.." mari..kita membuka hati, lantas jujur saja..."- sheila majid


imah said...

AIM tu ape dah? ambooiii.. makan chocolate ajeee... :p

justme said...

heheh..tu ahh, mama asyik stockkan chocolate dlm peti sejuk je amacam?? =/..Anugerah Industri Muzik lah imahh...