02 April 2005


I read an article few days back about ‘perfectionist’. Hmm….

Hate to admit it, as I was reading a few of the criterias stated about perfectionist, I felt like im looking at a reflection of myself in the mirror. Am I a perfectionist..?

Okay,,a little bit, yes..but certainly and definitely not the neurotic type, more like someone who likes to see her work done perfectly, so that i can look at it with triumph and satisfaction. Someone who’d rather not sleep at night than submitting a paper work or project that is not my standard of work. Someone who likes to see things in order and organized. Someone who would re-print the whole paper rather than smudging the error with correction liquid, because it will be untidy..and...untidy. Someone who cant stand people not giving their full effort in doing group works, in other words attitude ‘asal siap jadilah’.( org kata, ‘ buat keje macam melepaskan batuk kat tangga’). Someone who would rather do all the work herself, as it will promise her the satisfaction she wants, than delegating works, and the result is..ermm..easy said, she will end up doing their work all over again. Someone who …oh my God…i am a perfectionist.!!

As we are on this topic, recalling a conversation with one of my friends once, she said that all dentists, or dentist–to-be have a side of perfectionist in them. Because we deal with tiny things that need us to concentrate on the details. Carving restorations on teeth, creating it to its normal morphology, cutting tooth and meticulously ensuring not to overcut and avoiding cutting adjacent tooth..etc, all these makes dentist a perfectionist, but it is shown differently in different ppl. I remember listening to her words, and a sense of realisation came seeping in me, as I never really know about my perfectionist nature. Hmm..

But she also warn me the drawbacks that perfectionist might face in the future. Perfectionist tend to be more stressful in life, have more headaches, and higher risk for hypertension and finally heart problem. In a more serious case, might lead to mental illness, as they demand perfection, cant accept errors or mistakes, they force the hell out of them in their job. Tone down, she said. It’s okay not to be responsible all the time. It’s okay to settle for sthg less than perfection smtmes. And if it’s not ur job, don’t meddle in it, let ppl do their work, though it might not be up to the standard u expect from them. Because if u keep doing ppl’s work all over again, ull be someone who’s not likeable, not healthy body and mind.

Okay..advice taken. But still..being a perfectionist is good, if we put it in a good way. Perfectionist will give their best in their work, they try really hard to make things flawless. They give their 100% in every task handed to them. If I want to hire somebody, a perfectionist will be a good employee, as im sure of the satisfaction ill receive in every work by them.

So..everybody, to conclude it, it's okay being a perfectionist, as long as u dont over-being it..or else, the chances of u getting bald and grey hairs before 40, plus the headaches, and becoming a grouch and grumpy person ..will be higher. Bear that in mind..( and you too, justme!)

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