12 April 2005

how to smile..hmm..

a new friend of mine asked me this question, that makes me thinking of the most appropriate and correct answer to give her..

" can u teach me how to smile..?"

hmm..susah jugak nak jwb tu ehh...=/ ( thinking deep and hard..). Know what makes it hard ? because we dont smile because we want to smile, or have to smile..we just simply smile rite..? ( yeah..what a way to answer, brilliant , justme, very brillliant..=[, and btw, keep repeating the word 'smile' many times in one sentence, bunyinya jd pelik plak..). Okay..be serious.

Hmmm..how to smile..? Just stretch ur lips so that it'll be longer in length ( preferably, make it slightly curved like a crescent moon, a straight line wont make a good smile..know what i mean, try doing that and look in the mirror..). Okay..enuff, be seriously serious now...=<

I cant remember being taught on how to smile. It 's just sthg that happens naturally, i believe to everyone as well. Example babies, when cooed, diagah2 , ditimang2..automatically, he'll smile ( tp jgnlah try pd baby yg baru berusia sehari dua, mmg frust lah nak tggu dia senyum..=]). Recalling the time, masa kecik2 dulu, bila nak bergambar je, mak akan cakap kat depan.." okay senyum semua..". Tak payah diajar2. Tak perlu ditunjuk cara, terus tersenyum.

Basically, that's how it is. Smile is sthg everyone knows how..even the most solemn and fierce man ( senyum org mcm ni yg mahal nih..heheh ). Just relax, and it'll come by itself. A forced smile is usually noticeable, ever heard the term 'smiling from ur heart'..?This kind of smile will not only lit up ur face, but also will make the other person smiling along. And this is the smile that we want.

i know i cant make generalisation. i know some ppl find it's hard to smile, even in a photo shoot, more else in daily life. Im not the best ppl here to give advices on how to smile, ( and im honoured to be asked upon ), but ill share what i know and hopefully it will not only benefit me, but all my readers here.

All actions taken and words said by us comes from our heart. Im not saying that those who are not SMILEble ( ermm..dont seek for this word in dictionary, i hentam je nih..=p), is a bad person, it just perhaps they lack chances or practise, or the reason to smile. Start today. Smile as soon as u wake up. Remind urself early in the day that u are a happy person, warm and approachable, grateful with what life offers to u, and ull share ur happiness with everyone u meet with a smile. Greet ppl u meet along the way with a smile. Trust me, ull not only make other ppl happy, but ull find urself in such a great mood that will last the whole day. ( but of course-lah, in moderation, a pleasing friendly smile must be distinguishable from an annoying,'tiga suku' smile, or else org kata kita buang tebiat pulak..). And must i remind u a known fact..that 'senyum itu sedekah', another point that makes u wanna smile more rite?..=]. Finally, without u realising it, smiling becomes a part of ur normal life, u'll have more friends, and ppl seem to be drawn to u. Amazing rite, the power of smile. By that time ,u wont face any problem during a photo shoot, or in anything at all.

fuuh...i hope i helped a bit if not much. Start smiling everyone, as smile is contagious! Smile to the world and the world will smile back at you..= ].

...smiling is the easiest and cheapest way to improve ur look....;]

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