05 April 2005

shut up and listen!

One of my sister's common critics about me is.." u are a bad listener ! " Sheesh...
Seriously, i really tried to listen, but ..emm..ermm..yeah, perhaps i wasnt that attentive when she talked about sthg, hey..it's not my fault if smtmes my eyes wandered around as i listened to her, rite..at least my physical is there..=/. Or when i asked her to repeat her statement..okay..maybe, i wasnt that focused, but does it mean im a bad listener..?


Okay..i really need to brush up my listening skill, plus the art of communicating, learning the proper attitude in a conversation, whether face-to-face with the person or through the telephone.The consequences of lacking these two vital skills would result with me, being a complete idiot most of the time. Why i'd say idiot..? One; because i wasnt really listening, i end up giving the wrong or improper remarks to the statement said to me. Two; ill annoy ppl when i keep finishing their sentence, because my big mouth couldnt wait for its turn to speak, and enjoy interrupting when the other person talks ( duhh..justme!). Three; i couldnt really know the person talking to me, why? because i did most of the talking, and missing the chance to get to know that particular person better. Oh my..

Listing down my stupidity wasnt really what i like doing when my blog is read by ppl around the world, and as i keep thinking about this while i write, the stupider i feel. I gave a bad first impression to many ppl, because of my uncontrollable desire to talk and not listen.Smtmes, it's not that i like to talk so much, but because of the anxiety and nervousness, my mouth couldnt stop babbling ( and the stuffs that come out..was even worse ). Or when the other person is quieter, or seemed shy around me , then i 'll be the 'talker'. Naturally..that's how it'll be. And also, i barely do any active listening, because my mind is furiously thinking what to say next.

Okay..for things to change, i must change first. Start by keeping ur mouth shut most of the time, and practise to listen. Just listen. Practise eye contact when listening to the other person talking..this will help me to really focus to the message they are conveying ( gee..now i know why im always clueless or 'blurr' when sthg is said..or didnt get the joke, because i wasnt really listening!). Hmm...this is not hard, i can do this..=]. And maybe when im more silent, then im able to really listen to what my heart says. Hmm...

'talk less. listen more'. That'll be my motto from today onwards. ( ermm..eventhough i cant guarantee how long this motto will last..)

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