02 May 2005

a new me..=D

1 May 2005..i wrote this particular date in here so that ill remember..( no..not because of hari buruh..=/)..

After the past 2-3 weeks, the matter that has been bugging me, occupying my mind, interrupting my sleep..( er,,ok, im exaggerating..even blaring noise next to my ear barely shook me awake from my sleep ..)forcing me to think about a few things in life. Hope this is a new turning point for me.

Something awakened me from my 'long vacation'. Bit by bit, little by little, step by step..the old me, who is always confused, indecisive, afraid to take risks..and the girl who prefer other ppl make the choice for her will eventually be erased. From today onwards...ill begin a new me..insyaAllah...

Eventhough i know it's gonna be tough, as im living with it for 22 yrs..i have to start taking action today or i never will. Learn what it really means by 'being responsible' of my ownself, not depending on others' opinion in practically everything i do in life, independently thinking and living. I dont wish to see my next 22 yrs resulted with no changes, no improvements, no nothing from me.

Im giving myself more time,to learn, to think and listen to my own mind and heart, so that ill know more about myself and life. And insyaAllah, when the time finally comes, il be able to stand on my own feet, and take whatever decision ive made bravely, believing it with all my heart.

pray for me readers..=]

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