03 May 2005

hati ni pelik

Hati ni pelik. Weirdly, peculiarly pelik...=/. Perhaps time will make it more understandable to me.
In my previous blog..( the one ive deleted, regretfully..=/), ive wrote and pondered about the nature of human' s heart. Hati, 'qalbu'..perasaan, sanubari..or whatever name ppl term it, all means the same..a place inside you, where deep feelings aroused and felt. ( poetically saying..heheh ). Aku tulis ttg sifat kebolehubahan hati, hari ni rasa macam ni, esok lusa mungkin lain. Nak jaga hati bukan perkara yang senang, tambahan pulak dlm dunia hari ni, pilihan kian bnyk, godaan kian kuat, ..pendek kata, .. (yg panjangnya tak kata..?=p).

know what, movies like 'serendipity'..'sleepless in seattle'..make certain ppl,..(erm..okay..ppl like me..) believes there are such things like that in life., that's how love supposed to bound and happen. U grew up fantasizing the day ull found 'the one' and know at that very moment....." yup..it's him/her", with no hassle to 'kiss-all-the-frogs-to-find-your-prince-charming' thing. But the truth is... life offers u sthg else.The reality is not as sweet, simple, and ..safe as that. In one of my argument with kakak ( which most of it won by her..), i said that movies, dramas etc reflects ppls' life, that there are ppl out there who are really and actually living in this life, because ppl make stories from what they see around them, true things surrounding us. But my sister said that moviemakers make what ppl want to see, they create things ppl like and enjoy ( which answers why most of movies end with a happy ending ..). Ppl wish for fairytale love life, and that's what they present to you. But reality is different. If u want a life like that, work for it. Life is just not as simple as that, it is not supposed to be served in silver platter, u want sthg, go and work for it. Wahh..my dear big sister, what ill do without u..? =/

No matter how i avoid admitting it, the romantic side in me cling quite stubbornly to this myth..( eventhough im allergic to unnecessary mushy words..). I like believing ..that all those things is actually true, that it could and would come true. Hopelessly silly eh..can't help it, im a Pisces..( haha..a lame reason ). Speaking of this, i did a test about 'The Most Compatible Zodiac Match' once in the web..heheh, and the result was unsurprisingly, had been at the back of my mind all these time. Hah..i dont think i wanna spill the answer, though we know tests/quizzes like that are not evidently-based or really reasonable and sensible to most ppl..but still, u know us, women..we just like stuffs like that. ;p


Bella said...

hi there,
i've been tagging along ur blog for quite some time. really2 am impressed with all the winding reality issues that you came up with. interesting..eheks.

as for this love-myth thingie,i would say "dunt let ur dreams fade", each of us ought to dream of her ideal other-half. some people were lucky to bump into their loved ones at first-sight, that is when both of them liked each other at once.

sometimes,choosing partner in life depends on whom u came across. he he. and the list goes on and on.

just hoping u'll meet ur prince charming one day. *wink2

-wan- said...
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violet said...

of course i will always win! ehehe. i hv 24 yrs of experience in winning ;). hang in there kid. i'll always be here to ketuk ur head. eheheh.