14 May 2005

a couch potato

watched 'Artificial Intelligence' for the first time, i was wiping away tears throughout the movie. My god.. Haley Joel OSment sure can act, ..frankly..for a boy his age, he can make many well-known actors wished that they would be turned into turtles, so they could crept under their shell to hide from embarassment. I mean.. he was totally awesome, ..superb acting! Dahlah cuuuuttteeee sgt,..rs nak ambil buat anak angkat kalau jumpa boy secute tuh..hheheh..;p. Science fiction movie can be so entertaining..( for someone who barely watch any..)

Spending my time leisurely..yup, that's what im doing. Im switching off my hp for a couple of days..free from any calls or SMSes,sorry..fellas, i need some time 'away' from any gadgets, name it handphone or chatting in ym, msn..nope, not on my list. Suddenly i found myself 'not in the mood' for anything, other than staying at home, ..be around my family, watching tv all day( ..u-oh..ive become a tv addict.), read novels... Ermm..enjoying my moment of solitude, not disturbed with the' beep, beep' sound of handphone,.or anything related to it.

HAhah..i spent the whole day, watching 'The Contender Marathon'. I never know, boxing can be something that catches my attention, perhaps because it's a reality tv show. ( but wrestling is still a no-no...i think throwing one another, screaming and acting like some kind of monsters.. are too brutal for any human being..sorry wrestlers, and i can't believe that it's only an act, because it looks so real..). Seriously into this thing..even my parents are surprised, looking at their daughter glued to the tv watching this so-called men's thing. Dun worry lah...im not turning into a hunk just by watching 2 men punch one another in the ring ;]. Gonna miss the finale episode..as im back to college, ..huk2.. =/.Wonder who's gonna win the tittle, because all 4 stand a fair chance at winning, and i want all the 4 men to win, as they represent a true man and a champion spirit, they have good, brotherly relationship with each other, and their fighting spirit are unbelievable. Is it Sergio Mora, the Latin Snake, and the brainy one..or Peter Manfredo, who hold the third world ranking, an innocent-looking man but very tough in the ring...or Alfonso Gomez, the so-called underdog, but showed that he's a born fighter in the ring, ..or Jesse Brinkley, the cool, and ..well..dunno how to describe him. Whoever it is, may the best man wins..and im rooting for Sergio Mora..yeahh..!!! Contenders..go!

okay..okay..enuff for now..btw, im reading a good, interesting novel, "Joanna's Husband and David's Wife ". Gee..so, that's what and how a marriage is huh..? Kinda scary to accept that's how reality is. But i must say that the author did a wonderful job, as her novel is a little bit different from other novels ive read, it makes her work outstanding from others. It explored the mind of a wife, and a husband..what actually going on their mind compared to what is seen from outside by their spouse. And it proves, that man and woman..are born totally different, so let's not assume that we really know one another, there will always be surprises and things that we will never trully understand about the other gender.


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