28 May 2005

is it really the one..?

someone said to me.." kalau nak pupuk rasa suka kita pd seseorg tu, kita lihat kebaikan yg ada pada dia...". Hmm..is it really like that ..? Ajar diri kita utk suka pd org tu.. if it's like that, where's the magic in it..?Or is the journey towards liking someone, opening ur heart to him that is never opened to anyone else before, and looking at someone in a special, loving way, the kind that no one else in ur life ever get that kind of look from u...is 'magical' in its own right. Hard to tell.

i know sooner or later i have to deal with this thing, it just that i dunno what to do when the time finally come. Is this it.. is he's really 'the one'? Is my search has finally come to its end. Hard to tell.

someone told me a story about a boy who's been asked by his teacher to go look in the forest for the longest stick that he could find and bring it back in 20 minutes time. So the boy went in the forest and started looking, picking every long stick he could find, examined it for a while and said to himself.." perhaps ill find a longer one in front". So, he dropped it, and went looking again. Everytime he found a stick, the same thought crossed his mind, and he dropped the stick. Finally, after 20 minutes, he came out from the forest, empty-handed. He said he couldnt find the longest stick, as he kept thinking that probably a longer stick might appear in front. His wise teacher said, that's how life is. U are given a certain amount of years to live, we dont have 1000 yrs, we dont have forever. In that limited time in our life, we have to make a decision, make a choice, and hold to it. No matter if we found a 'longer' stick later in front, the 'stick' in our hand is the chosen one. Hold to it, and stop looking around. Or else, u can and will never find the 'longest stick'. Ever.

hmm..guess that answers a lot of questions huh?

"..wondering how they met, and what makes it last..
if i found the place, would i recognise the face.."
- it might be you ( a song )

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tm nut said...

tepuk tepuk tepuk :)

entry worthy of remembrance. great people create their own magic. hope it ends up well.