21 May 2005

i had a dream

i had a weird dream last night. Weird, but pleasant in some way. I was in a building ( kind of like asrama masa sekolah )..there was this one face, that gives a very warm, shy feeling, and even in that dream, i can feel the happinness swelling inside.

Actually, where do all those stuffs that appear in our dreams come from..? Why do we dream about them..?Some ppl said it's the stuffs that we think the most throughout the day. The people we miss, and like an answered prayer, they are brought in our dreams to help lessen the longing inside. But still, some dreams are so foreign, that it has no relation to our life, no familiar faces, ..we find ourselves stranded in strange places..and make us awake in the morning, puzzled by the mystery of it. Some studies said that dream comes from our subconscious mind..hmm. Haha, and there was also this one time, i dreamt 'bersanding' with faizal hussein..a result of watching too much Malay dramas..( i think i watched 'Sembilu' kott..). Not the kind of dream i would like to have though..=/.

When i was a kid, i always have this same dream, the kind that makes me hated the thought of sleeping, hoping silently that i wouldnt be haunted with that dream. How to describe that dream ya..it was not a ghostly kind of dream, it was just so weird that it makes me wishing..." cepatlah..nak keluar dr mimpi nih..".In that dream, there were these few unrecognised faces that would come really close to me, and move far..they come closer again, and back off..keep repeating that act several times. Their mouth were moving, quite animatedly speaking to me, because they look so excited talking. As if like they are telling sthg, but no voice heard. Smtmes, there would be a long cloth, and they would be playing with that piece of cloth, laughing. It was quite eerie, it gave me a feeling of restlessness, that made me want to open my eyes quickly to shut away these faces from me.

Dreams of running in unknown country, far from my home, running away from ppl chasing me..run..run..run. Dreams that even when im dreaming, it felt so real, the sadness, desperation..and helplessness..finding my way home.

whatever it is, i hope i could continue my unfinished dream last night. It was nice..able to feel that thing again after all these years leaving school.

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