05 May 2005

learning soccer..

Among the thing i despise about live football match is when i wanted to watch my favourite drama starring ako mustapha, but there's a a LIVE match that my brothers said they'll die if they miss it..and as usual, the negotiation always resulted with them hogging the TV remote and the whole box for 2 hrs..and me, bored and defeated looking at them cheering for the game. They can be so 'soccer-maniac' that smtmes they would wear their favourite club jerseys along..and running around the living room when someone goaled. Abe, the Chelsea guy and Adik the Man Utd boy.

Football..hmm, what about it..?

I remember once Abe woke up at 2.30 am, groggily searching for the TV remote, and i was still awake, doing some writing. There was another match of chelsea vs bayern munich. "..Again..?! Why..?" i quizzically asked Abe, silently thinking that perhaps the last match was probably declared unfair in certain parts and this is a re-match, but Abe glared at me, still looking disoriented and badly sleepy, half-heartedly answered that the last time, they played at chelsea's stadium and now they are playing at bayern munich's. Huh..? Whatever that means.

Im never a sport person myself, but im quite interested to know a few things about famous sports around the world, hoping to be a well-rounded person. But never really managed to put mysef on the same par as some of my girl friends who are into this sports thingy. YEah..i do know a few famous faces in tennis, football, etc..but how the game works, the rules and stuffs like that, im terribly hopeless in all these. I did try asking my brother some rules in football, hoping to be knowledgable with some soccer terminology like 'offside', 'hatrick', but keep forgetting the whole thing. Heheh.. there were times when i sat and watch the game with him, hoping that i could gain some understanding, but he finally became annoyed of me who keep bugging him with questions when his eyes were fixed to the tv set. Finally, i end up fallen asleep on the couch, not even halfway of the game, so much of my football learning. =/

last year, i read the autobiography of David Beckham, if im not mistaken, the tittle is 'David Beckham: My Side'. This book belongs to a friend who is one of football lovers, she can discuss about football with the boys ( and a big fan of beckham as well). Well, during my exploration of beckham's life in that book, i found myself subsequently feeling the passion in a football game, but still couldnt grasp the whole techniques and tactics in it .

Remembering the world Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea, the fever it caused was epidemic, and spreading to all stages of age. Hehe, cant really forget the shock i had when i walked in the house and found my mama and kak dah ( my maid ), who never watch more else understand football, cheering along with my other siblings in front of the tv set. My..unbelievably amazing, the craze football had on ppl. At that time, i was seriously into it myself, rooting for Japan and Brazil..

Except for a few names like Michael Ballack, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Frank lampard, makalele..etc..and yeah..the fact that the ball has to rolled into the goal, not much about football that i can talk more else discuss about. How infuriating it is when i had to give up and 'mengalah' to my brothers during 'negotiation times', but deep down in me, i really dont mind that much. I like the fact that my two only brothers are among the real men who are crazy about soccer stuffs, perhaps..knowing that it's really men's things. I like looking at them so intently focused to the screen ( and if i purposedly tease and make stupid jokes around them, esp Abe, his glare is enough to send me walking back to my seat..ceh! ). PLus, i like watching my two dearest brothers, together in their room, talking about football, as if there's no age barrier between them.

well.. let the men enjoy what pleases them, and me..erm..i leave football aside, it's just not really my cup of tea ..=]( besides i barely could understand what the players or their managers are saying in the tv interviews..).


imah said...

alamak kakk... bile la nak paham bola ni? hehehe.. Go arsenal!!! ;)

justme said...

cehh..=/, at least im trying tau...heheh..abe tgh sedih tu, join mourinho yg x puas hati dgn linesman, down by 1-0 dgn liverpool smlm..