11 May 2005

the attraction factor

In the movie 'Gone With The Wind'..Scarlett O' Hara is deeply fond of Ashley,who later be the husband of Melanie ( ermm..have u watched this movie..=/ ?). She tried and did everything she could to win Ashley's heart. And she couldn't shift the feeling to other man, even after she's married to Rhett Butler, who loves and cares for her very much ( not to mention more handsome than Ashley =p). And in the end, when she finally realised that the man she was destined to is Rhett, when she came running to her husband, it was too late, the man had already given up and tired of trying and waiting, plus hurt, watching Scarlett hugging Ashley and comforting him passionately. Heh..i can still remember the last dialogue from Rhett, before he walked out the door, leaving Scarlett .." Frankly, my dear..i dont care a damn..."( with his baritone male voice..).

Hmm..an example of 'unexplainable attraction'.

I've read once,..or was it sthg i watched in nAtional GEographic, about how female and male insects attract one another in the mating season. A chemical thing is produced,..called the feromon, it's kind of a distinctive smell, that draw the male to the female, indicating that the female is ready for mating and is seeking partner ( kind of macam mengorat lah..kan..=] ) and the rest is.. i guess we all know what happens after that. Hmm..how beautiful things are working in this world rite..glory be to Allah.

What stirs my curiousity is..are there such things like that among us humans? I mean, how we become attracted to someone, is there sthg like magnetic power or an unseen bond that makes Ali drawn to Aminah, and vice versa..? Okay..before i write more, have it ever occured to you, questions like, why am i attracted to A, and not B, when both of them share equally the same qualities..? And what is it in C, that makes ur heart couldn't beat normally when he's around ? Or why in the world are u eyeing and hoping for D, who barely recognises or notices u, and not to E, who's always there, and has been trying wooing you for so long..? Weird rite,..hmm..? Or does all these have to do with what i term as 'the attraction factor'..?

Why we like a person or be attracted to someone, basically that's the point i'm pondering here. What is it in them or is it in us..? I always believe that attraction is sthg that we dont feel to every one. Strongly attracted to a particular types of ppl,..the one that a simple hello from them could make u grin excitedly like a maniac. The kind that makes ur day seems brighter and happier, just knowing that he's/she's there. What is the thing..is it just some kind of infatuation? Deep admiration that finally leads someone to be emotionally drawn to that person..? Or is physical attraction the reason behind all these..?

Some times ago, the theologian side in me said and believed ..that when we fancy someone, i mean strongly attracted for no reason, that person is also very much interested in you, ..heheh( okay..a bit of 'teori org perasan' la kott..,but i had a few examples of true experiences and ppl's stories which proved that my theory is right =D.) And knowing that my hypothesis was proven true, i was ecstatic , who wouldnt?! But..yeah, it's just some unreliable theory, and please..im not going to be responsible if someone out there tend to believe in this, and blame me later if it turns out to be wrong. Even scientists have experienced failured experiments. And most of the inventors like Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell..they failed like hundreds of times before they finally succeed.

Whatever it is, this force of nature that attract Adam and Eve..it must not be used as a reason to philander around when u are already married and commited to someone officially. Unless u are still single and available to consider and think about it, then perhaps further steps can be taken to create something between both of u. Because, as human with feelings, we are prone to fall for someone with common interest, a person u feel u have the 'chemistry' with, someone we feel comfortable talking to..even platonic relationship can turn to sthg more serious, when intense feelings are involved and felt. And to all married/engaged ppl out there who happens to suffer from ' Extra Marital Attraction Syndrome' ( no..dont look up for this words, i made it up..)..just bear in mind, that u are not free anymore, someone's waiting for u at home, that u have to be loyal and faithful to the one married to u. Needless to say, u just have to have a good conscience. In other words, there has to be some barriers, ' batas dlm pergaulan'..and that's the beauty of Islam, who guide us in every aspects of life.

This 'attraction factor' thing, like what some ppl say, is just lust. And if we let it take the lead, marriage can be broken, relationships between two lovers can faltered, and hatred and revenge created between ppl. Hmm..complicated it can be, if we let it be..

But still..hmm..i found the whole idea of 'attraction factor', when we are attracted to someone, who at the same time, having the exact aura of feeling towards us, both keeping it to themselves ( and that's where the problems lie..huhu..who's gonna make the first move then..?)..as sthg very ..hmm..well, i dont want to use that "R" word, i've used it often enough in my blog..;p. Let just say that it gives a wonderful feeling inside, knowing that perhaps hearts do have connections after all..

before i end, i found this while reading yesterday, just thought that it correlates well to the topic here. It's quoted from Jet Li, reading his interview, heheh..guess he's not only a tough kungfu fighter, but also a very noble man, with a good heart inside..and it just makes me like him more..( he's one of my fav actors in the world..;] )

"..like electricity, you need both the cord and the plug. Sometimes, if there are girls around me, it's a one way thing. They can express their feelings about me, but as long as i dont react back, there is nothing they can do. To clap you need both hands. If only the girl is extending her hand and you are not returning it, there is no result, there is no noise.."- Jet Li


tm nut said...

tepuk tepuk tepuk

naz tulis buku plak eh. Whatever the topic is, i'll ask for your signature on it.

damn good this entry is.

btw, don't bother waiting 4 me to explain the late arwah Usman Awang's special words. It will be a total failure. Sometimes special things need neither explaination nor interpretation.

justme said...

glad to have a supportive friend/reader like u..thanks..=]..

but seriously-lah..apa naz tulis ni, bende biasa2 je..x boleh dijadikan sumber ilmiah pun..;]..'prong-prang' je lebih..

and insyaAllah, if one day, i happen to write a book, ill let u know..k ..?