05 May 2005

duri dan api

" Poetry is very private, it's the percolating and regurgitating of inner thoughts.."- A Malay poet

' Duri dan Api'..a collection of Allahyarham Usman Awang's poems. Found this old book when clearing the bookshelf last 2 weeks and it actually belong to my late uncle. Cant believe the price of this book was only $2.70..( compared to expensive books in market nowadays..).

i never read any poetry book before, even poems in newspapers. Other than not really interested in it, perhaps also b'cos i dont want to be influenced by other ppls' way in expressing their words. Going through the yellowed pages of the book, reading some of the poems repeatedly, trying to comprehend the meanings of each and hoping to understand the feeling of the writer..quite a struggle though, sadly enough..it was not a successful attempt. Hmm.., can i say that a poet is kind-of a romantic person, deep and thoughtful..perhaps quite introvert or inward, who chooses to say things and voice their feelings through writings...hmm...

Here's one of the poems, that im quite attracted to, but couldnt really understand what it means. Perhaps some of you wanna share some views. Nway, enjoy reading it readers, perhaps it might give us some new insights about things we never realised before.


jika kau berikan dengan kedua tanganmu
yang mengalir dari hati dan kandungan
dari ujud rasa yang maha agung
akan kutatang ia di dulang hatiku

telah kita tunggu sejak pertama hati menguntum
tiada terusik oleh segala selisih rasa
sebab ia tinggi mengepak di puncak menara
dengan kedamaiannya dalam jalinan setangkai senyum

bila ia menjelma dan suaranya memanggil nama bapa
bisikkan padanya segala kisah yang tercipta
antara ibu dan ayah yang mengujudkan nama setia..
-singapura, januari 1964


imah said...

kak, maybe u shud do malay Higher Level International Baccalaureate- busan gile analyse sajak usman awang. And btw, i used to borrow tht book to do my research on poetry in banting. :(

tm nut said...

tak paham juge huhu.. someone please explain

justme said...

imah..not a bad idea, smtmes i think, kak dh tersilap profesion lah..hehe..tetiba rs ter'minat' pulak dkt2 bende2 art and sastera2 nih...
nway, tm nut, i was hoping that perhaps u could explain..not an easy poem to interpret huh..? =]..