23 May 2005

and it begins ...

tamatlah sudah cuti. ISkks..as usual, after a long, do-nothing-but-vegging-out holiday..the idea of going back to school dont seem very enthralling..at all. Especially when u know, the same routine as a student will starts again. Hai..hati..excitedlah skett..monyok je..=/.

Heh..kakak aku pernah cakap, "..have sthg to look forward to..".Something or someone, anything that will perk u up early Monday morning, energetic and fully spirited to go to school. Excited till u feel like running. Knowing that 'that special thing' is waiting at school, or at ur workplace. U'll be glowing everyday, happy and lively..as u look forward to every day to go to school, to work, to that place..to that 'thing'. But in my case,..i dont think i have anything or anyone ..that'll make me wanna kick off my blanket and jump out from bed , couldnt wait to go to school..hmm..what is 'the thing' that'll make me look forward to going back to school..?

Looking at teeth..? ..gee, that sure sound exciting..2 months my hands are free from holding instruments, blood, saliva..teeth. Cant wait to start peering in ppl's mouth.
Any particular human being, specifically the Martian..?..nope. There's just nobody, no one. Fullstop.
Any favourite food, drinks..that is only available at ur school..? ..ermm..let see, the muffin, yes..only i wish it's a bit cheaper now..
Any favourite hang-out spot,..? that'll be my room, my computer, ..my bed. Ehh..im beginning to be more positive. This thing do works...yeah, back in my room, the room ive painted, and decorated the way i like it. And, my 'blue Nemo'..he must be very lonely being left 'berhabuk' alone. That baby picture in front of the door, greeting me with his adorable smile and his chubby hands balled into a fist..with the words written above him..'Senyum Malaysia' ( he'll make me smile instantly..=]). And..my slippers, my mirror..
Hmm what else..? A walk along the corridors at night, esp on the top floor, where u can see and smell the night. GAthering in my friend's room..and talk till late at night, watch tv and cds together. The songs in my computer, all my favourite songs..and start working out again, get active and healthy... after 2 months ruining my body, inside out. ..

hmm..i feel much better now. I guess, above all, it's trying to make it as wonderful as possible, and seeing the positive side of everything..that's the only way.And if it still doesnt work to make u cheerfully chirpy person, pretend to be excited and happy. U'll realise that by pretending it, sooner or later, u'll be it. Hey..that's not what i say haa, it's quoted from Donald Trump..

okaylah..it's getting late. Im back to school guys, with lots of work waiting to be settled. And this will be my final year, my 5th year..hmm..kinda lonely plak when u are on top, the so -called super seniors. I dont like the feeling of having no seniors above me, the same kind of feeling i get when i became the lead of the 'school debate' team when all the 'mentors' older than me finished school, leaving me as the only senior to the group. Not long after that, i quit. Well..it's a history by now..so let it be.

Huaargghh..i need to gather my stuffs, where are my books, my things, before going to sleep.

..have sthg to look forward to..hmm.


AiSyaHuMaiRa said...

u'll look forward to running down to comp room, and continuing blogging again..heheh..

justme said...

heheh..u can read my mind huh..? ;]