13 May 2005

me..a dentist..? hmmm...=/

i went to clinic dgn kakak hari nih, for my routine appoinment with Dr. X. ( btw...i found Dr X very attractive today, in a fatherly way..dont get me wrong, he's old enuff to be my dad..). My sorethroat is getting better, thanks to Strepsils. A trip to clinic turned out to be sthg fun when u are accompanied with someone like my 'kakak'..heheh..she always makes me laugh ( seriously..kakak..unfunny things from ur mouth simply crack me up, or is it me who's so easy to tickle..?)... My 'mentor' in life, my big sister, my good friend, my make-up and dress consultant..my motivator ( her common words to me.." let me meng'anthonyrobbins'kan mung...=D).. , and now her new role, is to open her adik2 eyes on the importance of 'money-making'. Like what she said.." let the money work for us, not we become the slave of money..". She fits the tittle 'anaksulung' perfectly..her unstoppable drive to go for what she wants, her burning spirit to achieve her dreams..and in the same time leading her adik2 to be a better person. To conclude it all..she's the best, and abg zul better take good care of her, or her adik2 will form a batallion of army to protect our big sister..=[ ..heheh, nahh..just kidding, i know she'll be in good hand...=]..( gurau je abg zul..! =])

nway..im not here to talk about my sister, today in the clinic we met an important figure in our life, me and kakak. Kak Gee..our tutor when we were sitting for SPM years ago. My god.. i cant believe i just walked past her without noticing a person that ive been wanting to meet for so long...gladly kakak is more 'peka' than me as she spotted Kak Gee sitting alone in the clinic. We owed a lot to her, she taught me AddMath and Physics, patiently guiding me as i racked my brain learning 2 of my worst subjects in school. ( and to make matter worse, dhlah tak terer subjek tuh, tak suka pulak tuh, bila tak suka mulalah malas buat latihan..huk2..). Ayah will sent me to her house, where ill be sitting facing her for 2 hrs. She's one of the most noble person ive ever met in my life, she devoted her whole life to teaching students personally, mostly students from a lower socio-economic background. As for her, it's not the money she's after to, but it's the satisfaction in helping the less-fortunate ppl. She got a degree in engineering from oversea university, she has an excellent academic qualification,..if she wished to go for a more comfortable life, she could, but she chosed a different path. She follows her heart, and today she stood as one of the most loved of all by all her students..( esp me, who learnt a lot from her..arigato..kak gee!).As i looked at her walking out of the clinic, i noticed how she aged compared to the last time i saw her, how tired and ..alone..But one thing that still remains the same, is her smile, her humbleness and warmness, and that look in the eyes..the kind of look that only special ppl has. Ppl like her.

But one thing that cant seemed to be kicked out from my head, was when she repeatedly asked me one question i usually like to avoid, especially when i dont know the answer to. And when the question came from her mouth, someone i trully respect,..it makes it sounds more worse, 'scary' as i found myself pausing to give the answer. Why? Why the pause, why the doubt.? She asked 2-3 times, as her eyes locked into mine..( the ever inconfident me, when faced with someone whom i look up to...my weakness easily apparent to her..), i didnt answer straight away, and i could feel my uneasiness arised, and i mumbled out smthg, filled with unsureness.." ermm..yeah..i do, ermm..no actually,..the first 2 yrs tu saya main2..tak serious, naik 3rd year..baru rs enjoy sikit, rasa suka tu dtg..hheheh.."..( ohmygod, i sound like a 5 yrs old..=/).And after she's gone, the question keeps lingering in my head, buzzing in my ear...haunting me. I better find the answer fast.

.." are you happy with ur life, with what u are doing now..dentistry, i heard..?" - Kak Gee

And now im questioning myself the very same question...am i happy doing dentistry? Is this what i really want to do for the rest of my life..? and do i enjoy it..?..My...life is tough, and u'll start doubting urself when u cant answer a simple question like this.


imah said...

kak, seriously, its normal thing. doubting whether or not uve chosen the right thing to do for the rest of your life. I did doubt this medic life. all the timeee... to tell u the truth- ure gonna be the best dentist ever- the kind the kids enjoy visiting and doesnt mind getting a tooth or 2 pulled out, so - good luck ;) (well, count my future kids in- they are so gonna see u couple of times a year ;))

justme said...

the ever sensible imah, ..thank u..!!!!, u make me want u here more than ever..u are the best sister in world..=D!!! Yup..u are rite, ..we are gonna be okay..no, not only okay..but we'll the best doctors that we can be...yeah..!!!( semangat x ;] )

ayu said...

hye, i was just wondering.. the other day i was looking at the back of the packet and guess what? after all these years, i finally realised that strepsils contains alcohol. uh uh. better believe it.

anyway, is it still ok for us - Muslim to consume such medicine wif alcohol?? i asked my mum, and she said no. so, what da ya think?

justme said...

to ayu, ive asked around, and a friend of mine gave this answer, which i think is the best..( copy-paste from him..)..=]..
"tak berani sangat nak cakap pasal halal-haram ni. Furthermore out there mmg macam macam pendapat, ada yang kata downright haram, ada yang cakap since tak memabukkan jadi harus etc..

but for me, in order to be safe, choose other options. banyak lagi ubat sore throat out there, hence tak salahkan carik alternative lain :)

one more thing, if i'm not mistaken yang ada alcohol tu certain flavour jek, the rest tak ada. check it out tengok which one is which. (Strepils Original, Honey and Lemon and sugar free mmg ada alcohol, the rest tak sure sangat).."