13 May 2005

blogging my life

some ppl came to me and said..
" ..arent you afraid opening urself in ur blog, u are sharing ur stories with strangers ..u know.."
"..waahh..what are u writing..? so long,..making this into some kind of a novel, is it..?"
"..u've been spending too much time with this blogstuff,..go get a life, will you..."

hmm..ppl..they'll remain being ppl anyway..

i believe i told several ppl before, that if i dont write, i wouldnt live normal. If i dont write, the stories in my head will be bugging me to put it into words, ( not like im writing anything as great as all the well-known authors )..it's just what i like doing. It's just what ive been doing since kid. Before i started writing in online journal, i wrote in books, until one day, my sister told me, why dont i share what i write with ppl, rather than keeping it only for my eyes. Basically, that's how i begin. If ppl found life in sports or acting, i found mine through pen and papers. If they think what im doing as sthg fruitless or no-life, too bad..im not impressing anyone here, this is life to me, and im enjoying it. Im just fulfilling a need in me, before venturing into sthg more than just jotting my thoughts in here. Who knows what future has in store for me...rite..? Test the water, before taking the plunge.

I enjoy reading other ppls' blog..friends and sisters. From there, we can see another part of them, that is not detectable and visible from outside. I like the feeling i get when i read ppls' thoughts, esp ppl that surprised me with 'the hidden side' of them that would only be shown from their writings. Their vulnerability, stuffs going on their mind, their hopes and dreams, their pasts and memories. Smtmes, i found myself laughing at their entries. And smtmes, what they wrote awakened me from things ive forgotten, it becomes an eye-opener to me in some ways. No matter how they write it, how they put it in words, how they 'blogged' it, ..we are the same bunch of ppl who dare enough to share a small part of ourselves with other ppl, and ppl we called strangers.

i never judge the blog owner, i just read what they wrote. Some are really good writers, who amazes me with their ideas. Some simply jot down their routine life, what they do, where they go. Some write short notes, compared to some others who spend hours writing lengthy entries...( err..someone like me kott.). Whatever it is, respect ppls' ways in living their life. If it's not considered 'fun' in ur eyes, it might be heaven to others.

As for me, i never know blogging would turn out as sthg that i do religiously. I like writing in here, seriously i do. It's like a portion of my dreams come true. I like thinking that what i wrote is read by ppl, it's like im some kind of magazine editor that her writing will appear at the 'Editors Column' weekly ..;]. I feel like im a real writer. Eventhough the contents are nothing, just stuffs in my mind, but knowing that perhaps some ppl might enjoy it, that it might benefits someone, and they can get sthg good from it, that some ppl might be entertained reading it...the satisfaction i feel after completing an entry is undescribable with words. Plus, im learning a lot myself, especially in polishing my English. If u noticed, there's a lot of grammar mistakes here and there, but too hell with all that. I know ive improved a lot, and ill keep learning. Surprisingly, i found myself enjoying every minute of it, the moments i spent flipping thru dictionaries, for the sake of enriching myself with vocabularies. It makes me appreciate myself more, grateful with this gift from Allah, an ability to express myself and see the world from a writer's eyes. But most of all, i want ppl, esp friends to know the real me, and not only assuming that they know me from what they hear and see. This is who i am,the thoughts i think and the things i feel, ..

Funny rite, when we like something, we'll do it, no matter what ppl say or think. U'll stay up late at night just to write, and it's even funnier when u are not sleepy one bit. U'll breathe a sigh of satisfaction and relief, just by doing the things u enjoy.

u think the people who are people
are people who look and think like u
but when u walk the footsteps of a stranger
u'll learn things u never knew
- from the movie 'Pocahontas'


tm nut said...

try to be somebody and not to be somebody else. hope what they think and say to you will not let you down.

beLLy_buttOn said...

u are wuT u arE n otheRs arOund whO lOve the reaL u.wuT u have insidE of U.leT the others whO didnt knOw u saY wuT eva theY wanT.jusT ignOre iT n mOve oN wiTh ur liFe.dOing the stuFf u lIke..hehehhe..gOod one here!reallY enjOYeD readiNg iT..keeP iT oN..